About me

My buzz comes from seeing the excitement of my clients as their online vision is brought to life. I love seeing the ‘aha‘ moment as SEO starts making sense, and is no longer a ‘dark art’.

Being a small business and having a wife with a small business, I am well aware of the challenges of running one. I have spent the last 4 years helping other businesses develop their online presence and improving their marketing, I’d love the opportunity to help you with yours.

I have proven track record supporting literally hundreds of other SMEs increase theirs, including my wife’s business too. These businesses have achieved great results with a little guidance and input.

I have a vested interest in each and everyone of my clients; your success, growth and enjoyment in your business is what floats my boat. I believe in value-for-money, teamed with honesty and integrity, and I will not work with companies or clients that do not share these values.

Your website should:

  • Be under your control
  • Be fully editable by you
  • Allow you to get assistance from anywhere
  • Not be tied in or held to ransom

My input is tailored to the level you want

From quick to-do lists and feedback, through to supportive hand-holding while developing your marketing strategy. I can assist you, or your team, along the way. If you’d like to subscribe to a monthly support where I help point out the next step then that’s fine too.

My approach is to keep things as simple as possible, while heading towards increased sales, bookings or enquiries –  everything that contributes to a better bottom line.

The overall goal is to make you self-sufficient – comfortable with managing your website, your content, and your marketing.

I would love to hear from you if you’d like a better understanding of marketing, improving your website or would like a redesign.


A helping hand

As advisor to small to medium businesses on the funded support projects, I had the fortune of being able to meet and sit down with owners from a huge variety of businesses, to discuss their goals. The improvements to their digital presence was made as a collaboration and involved a lot of listening (and speaking plain English).

For most owners, time was the big challenge. Some wanted the big picture on digital marketing or SEO, while others wanted hand-holding on specific tasks.

Whatever it is that you want, I can support your efforts and assist where needed.

DigitalBoost, Big Cumbria and Merseyside Connected were all about improve a businesses profitability through the use of technology. Move often it was a website, social media, analytics and SEO.

My support can be face-to-face, by Skype or Zoom, or by phone and email. All of these have been succesful in the past.