Creative & Design

Logos & Branding

The cornerstone of your identity

Great branding alone will not ensure your success but it will help build loyalty and easy identification. Over time it becomes a trust signal.

Together we’ll find the perfect graphic and style for your business.

Hand-in-hand with your chosen colour scheme, you’ll be on the right path to consistently portraying your business everywhere.


Bring your content to life

Drawings are a great way to add visual impact.

Infographics are an engaging way to show off facts and figures but there are a lot of other ways that illustrations can be used as content.

 I’ve illustrated a children’s book, created kiddies colouring-in menus and created caricatures for deal celebrations. The applications are endless.

3D & Video

Interactive / Motion

Videos and 3D interaction add wonderful way to convey extra information.

Allowing people to interact with the visuals keeps them interested and entertained.

Design for Print

Your offline sales rep

Print still has huge impact and there’s nothing quite like something you can touch and smell. Maybe the smelling thing is just me…

Echo your online brand in print.

I’ll ensure there is consistency and vibrancy to your paper-based marketing. Whether it’s a pitch document, signage or packaging artwork, I can set it up to pre-press ready standards.