Camouflage pattern mockup

I had an interesting task recently of mocking up a pattern from a camouflage pattern designer aimed at the anti-poaching sector. David Clode has created a wide range of patterns covering a multitude of terrain and aims to market these designs in the fight against poaching.

He was needing some proof-of-concept photos and I did a series of photo retouches to show some of his patterns in the intended environment.

I have an interest in camouflage and in Conservation so it was great to be able to combine these two areas and help out.

The photo editing was made easier by the solid colour of the uniform, it means getting a useable shadow to denote fabric folds and detail was quite straight forward.

Usually my photo edits involve repairing old scanned traditional photos and removing scratches and tears. I’ve also been known to tweak product shots for food packaging, one pea at a time. Very time consuming and way less fun than camo.

Original image

Retouched image with pattern