A spring clean for any time of year

If you’re feeling the need to revitalise your website, a lot can be done through small changes.

During the BigCumbria project, I sat with a client and reviewed her website.

The website had not performed well in the few years it had been up.  After a bit of digging, we saw that she was missing out on naming her images descriptively so we went through her website and updated the image names.

Within 2 weeks she’d had more sales than the previous year.

A small change to the site made a big difference to its performance.

This page will be added to as time goes by but for now, consider:

  • Is your site intuitive to use?
    Get feedback from others. Ask them to achieve something on the site, like finding a particular section or download a file.
  • When did you last change the images and add some content to the blog section?
  • Do you even have a blog section?
  • Does your site have a search engine sitemap? (sitemap.xml)
  • Have you filled in your meta descriptions for each page and post?
  • Double-check your page titles. Are the catchy and yet accurate?